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Guide to Rubber Sheets
Learn where to buy rubber sheets for your business and manufacturing needs
By Kimberly Webb
    When you need to pick out rubber sheets for your business, there are many different options to choose from, so you might not know where to start. First you need to make sure that you pick the right material for the job, and then work with the distributor to get it in a format that you can use quickly and easily on the assembly line.

Rubber sheets can be used in almost every type of business. You may want to use them in several applications such as these:

1. Rubber sheeting for industrial applications

2. Rubber bedding for tank liners and trucks

3. Rubber bed sheets

4. Rubber sheets for floor mats

Action Steps
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Choose the right rubber sheeting for your needs Not all rubber sheets are created equal. Some are made of porous materials that are called sponge or open-celled rubbers, which are good for padding. These are rubbers such as silicon or natural gum rubber. They can be used as sound or impact barriers. If you're looking for something that will keep moisture, dirt and chemicals contained or out of something, you want to choose closed-cell rubbers like Neoprene.

I recommend:  Find the right type of rubber sheeting for your needs. US Rubber has a wide variety of open- and closed-cell rubbers to meet your needs. JW Industries has more than a dozen different types of rubber to suit just about any industrial application.
Ask about prices and services available when you buy rubber sheets Each rubber sheet supplier has its own policy about cutting the rubber into usable portions. Some may offer two cuts for free and then start charging after that, while others may offer unlimited cuts as long as they're uniform in size. Discuss your options with the supplier to make sure that you're truly getting a good deal on your sheet rubber.

I recommend:  Get the facts before you buy. Aero Rubber can do a variety of precision cuts, but they do have minimum order requirements that may be hard for some small businesses to meet. Direct Industry has several set colors, thicknesses and widths; you simply choose the one that fits your needs best and cut them yourself.
Look into the ways industrial rubber sheets can be attached to other items Many rubber sheet distributors go a step further and offer to apply the adhesive or use another method to apply sheet rubber to a metal or surface of your choice. This could help speed up the manufacturing process for you and get the end product to your customers quicker.

I recommend:  Make your rubber sheets go further. Sioux Rubber can use vulcanized rubber to apply varying thicknesses to just about any metal surface. Timco Rubber specializes in applying different types of pressure-sensitive adhesives to create just about any product that you want.
Tips & Tactics
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• Look at how each type of sheet rubber reacts to temperature fluctuations, as this may have a bearing on which type of material is best for your needs.